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Top CiteULike tags for IngentaConnect articles

Friday, March 09, 2007

After reading about the BioMed Central tag cloud earlier this week, I mailed the CiteULike discussion list and asked about the possibility of a similar feature for other sites.

Richard Cameron has obligingly created this for us, and so now you can view a tag cloud for IngentaConnect articles tagged on CiteULike. Thanks to Richard for providing this so quickly.

The cloud makes for interesting reading, and it'd be interested to compare (or amalgamate) the data with that of different services, e.g. Connotea. Its also going to be interesting to compare these figures with our usage statistics; some content on the site gets much more activity than others. I suspect there may be audience differences between, e.g. general users of IngentaConnect and those that also use social bookmarking tools.

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posted by Leigh Dodds at 12:51 pm


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