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All my eye ... why?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Hallo and welcome. We've finally agreed to have a public blog with postings by various folks on the Ingenta staff. It's taken us a while, because we're a naturally modest bunch and didn't imagine we'd have much of interest to say. But it turns out we keep thinking of stuff we'd like to share with the outside world – stuff that's not quite worthy of a press release, and that's going to be a bit stale by the time our next publisher or library newsletter comes out, but stuff, nonetheless, that we'd like to communicate.

define: stuff
Hmmn. Well, we don't want to restrict ourselves unduly by setting boundaries, so let's just say that, *amongst others*, we will post the following types of stuff:

Whatever we're telling you, please be assured that our blog postings will always be signed (so you can, for example, be gentle on any technical ignorance on my part, but feel free to take it up with Leigh). We will also be sure to fingerprint our (significant) edits, because we're blog readers too and we know it's very annoying when stuff vanishes.

And finally ... All my eye? Que?

World Wide Words tells us it's an antiquated British term for nonsense (or, to throw in a favourite word of mine, poppycock). Since it survives in both British and American English as "my eye!", I hope it is not too parochial for the transglobal audience we fondly imagine hanging on our every word (despite our supposed modesty). In the context of our blog, it should be taken to indicate not so much that we're talking utter baloney, but that this is a forum for ideas as well as fact, for discussion as well as statement, and ultimately, that it's good to talk.

Oh, and it ties in nicely with the company logo too. On which more later.

posted by Charlie Rapple at 5:57 pm


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